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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Alice KING
29 March 1750268SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA0
1654364Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England0
Asneath KING
4 July 1739279SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA0182119781
Caroline KING
24 June 1734284SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA0
Delma Jean KING
9 May 19427637 August 20031461
Diana KING
12 April 1742276SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA0180521362
Eliza KING
1809209Nazing ESSEX England725 July 188713078MIDDLESEX England
Ernest William KING
14 December 1907110MYALLA Tasmnia43 June 19813773Lawn Cemetry BURNIE BU05 15019-2
Eusebia KING
16 December 1744273SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA017462721
Eusebia KING
1 June 1747271SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA0
Frederick Nathaniel KING
21 May 1859159PORT SORELL Tas Reg No 1881117 September 19239464Boat Harbour Tasmania Reg No 1375
1655363Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England0
17 May 1705313SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA9178922983
4 June 1728290SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA0175126722Drowned
Joy Allison KING
27 November 193483313 November 19912656RIDGLEY Tasmania
Marcy KING
1658360Appleton, Berkshire, England0
Maria KING
1724294Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England121 March 177224648St. Thomas Parish, Oxford, England
15 June 1639379Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA1030 May 167634236Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA
Michael KING
9 February 1737281SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA0181919981
Nellie Melvina KING
18 July 1889129EMU BAY Tas Reg No 1264222 June 19665276WYNYARD Tasmania Australia
Parnell KING
29 June 1730288SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA0180721176
Robert KING
10 June 1653365Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England0
Sampson KING
15 June 1635383Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England616 June 171430479Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England
Sampson KING
1660358Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England0
Sampsun KING
1697321Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England0
Victor Augustus Ernest KING
16 October 1879138EMU BAY Tas Reg No 876130 November 19318652WYNYARD GENERAL G WY:01/18074-1
Vivian Ernest KING
18 January 193979224 June 2009970SMITHTON Tasmania
William KING
29 July 1692325Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England13 April 174227649Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England
William KING
5 October 1664353Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England21 November 173728073Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England