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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Alice KING
AliceAAAAKINGKINGAAAAAlice 029 March 17502360322267SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA00yes2411551  -1  FYESYES 
AnnAAAAKINGKINGAAAAAnn 016542325354363Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England00yes2376488  -1  FYESYES 
Asneath KING
AsneathAAAAKINGKINGAAAAAsneath 04 July 17392356401278SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA00182123863491968129766  FYESYES 
Caroline KING
CarolineAAAAKINGKINGAAAACaroline 024 June 17342354565283SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA00yes2405707  -1  FYESYES 
Delma Jean KING
Delma JeanAAAAKINGKINGAAAADelma Jean 09 May 1942243048975337 August 20032452859146122370  FY100Y100 
Diana KING
DianaAAAAKINGKINGAAAADiana 012 April 17422357414275SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA00180523805052126222909  FYESYES 
Ernest William KING
Ernest WilliamAAAAKINGKINGAAAAErnest William 014 December 19072417924109MYALLA Tasmnia443 June 19812444759367326835Lawn Cemetry BURNIE BU05 15019-2  MYESY100 
Eusebia KING
EusebiaAAAAKINGKINGAAAAEusebia 016 December 17442358393272SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA00174623589562711381  FYESYES 
Eusebia KING
EusebiaAAAAKINGKINGAAAAEusebia 01 June 17472359290270SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA00yes2410455  -1  FYESYES 
Frederick Nathaniel KING
Frederick NathanielAAAAKINGKINGAAAAFrederick Nathaniel 021 May 18592400186158PORT SORELL Tas Reg No 18811117 September 19232423680946423494Boat Harbour Tasmania Reg No 1375  MYESY100R
JohnAAAAKINGKINGAAAAJohn 017 May 17052343935312SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA99178923746622288330545  MYESYESR
JohnAAAAKINGKINGAAAAJohn 04 June 17282352354289SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA0017512360782266228246Drowned  MYESYES 
JohnAAAAKINGKINGAAAAJohn 016552325719362Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England00yes2376853  -1  MYESYES 
Joy Allison KING
Joy AllisonAAAAKINGKINGAAAAJoy Allison 027 November 19342427769823313 November 19912448574265620805RIDGLEY Tasmania  FY100Y100 
Marcy KING
MarcyAAAAKINGKINGAAAAMarcy 016582326815359Appleton, Berkshire, England00yes2377949  -1  FYESYES 
Maria KING
MariaAAAAKINGKINGAAAAMaria 017242350920293Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England12121 March 177223683302454817592St. Thomas Parish, Oxford, England  FYESYES 
MaryAAAAKINGKINGAAAAMary 015 June 16392319858378Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA101030 May 167623333573413613499Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA  FYESYESR
Michael KING
MichaelAAAAKINGKINGAAAAMichael 09 February 17372355526280SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA00181923856181988129910  MYESYES 
Nellie Melvina KING
Nellie MelvinaAAAAKINGKINGAAAANellie Melvina 018 July 18892411202128EMU BAY Tas Reg No 12642222 June 19662439299517628097WYNYARD Tasmania Australia  FYESY100 
Parnell KING
ParnellAAAAKINGKINGAAAAParnell 029 June 17302353109287SUFFIELD Hartford Connecticut USA00180723812352107627944  FYESYES 
Robert KING
RobertAAAAKINGKINGAAAARobert 010 June 16532324967364Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England00yes2376123  -1  MYESYES 
Sampson KING
SampsonAAAAKINGKINGAAAASampson 015 June 16352318397382Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England6616 June 171423472523037928855Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England  MYESYES 
Sampson KING
SampsonAAAAKINGKINGAAAASampson 016602327545357Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England00yes2378679  -1  MYESYES 
Sampsun KING
SampsunAAAAKINGKINGAAAASampsun 016972341060320Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England00yes2392193  -1  MYESYES 
Victor Augustus Ernest KING
Victor Augustus ErnestAAAAKINGKINGAAAAVictor Augustus Ernest 016 October 18792407639138EMU BAY Tas Reg No 8761130 November 19312426676855219037WYNYARD GENERAL G WY:01/18074-1  MYESY100R
Vivian Ernest KING
Vivian ErnestAAAAKINGKINGAAAAVivian Ernest 018 January 19392429282782224 June 2009245500787025725SMITHTON Tasmania  MY100Y100 
William KING
WilliamAAAAKINGKINGAAAAWilliam 029 July 16922339261325Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England113 April 174223574052754918144Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England  MYESYES 
William KING
WilliamAAAAKINGKINGAAAAWilliam 05 October 16642329102353Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England221 November 173723557912807326689Appleton with Eaton BERKSHIRE England  MYESYES