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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Albert Sommerville FLEXMORE
Albert SommervilleAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAAlbert Sommerville 024 July 18472395867170GREEN PONDS Tasmania Reg No 4482225 April 192624246319178287642 Main Road NEWTOWN Tas Reg No 1491  MYESY100 
Alfred Henry FLEXMORE
Alfred HenryAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAAlfred Henry 025 September 18452395200171GREEN PONDS (Kempton) Tas Reg No 3770021 May 188624100481314014848HOBART Tas Reg No 3101  MYESYES 
Archie Youl FLEXMORE
Archie YoulAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAArchie Youl 024 December 18922412457124RICHMOND Tasmania Aust Reg No 20980018 September 1917242149099249033FRANCE WW1- 2nd Canadian Clearing Station  MYESYES 
Beryl Victoria FLEXMORE
Beryl VictoriaAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAABeryl Victoria 017 March 19062417287111FOOTSCRAY Victoria Reg no 106642222 May 19772443286407125999Glenhuntly Victoria  FYESY100 
Charlotte Lochlina FLEXMORE
Charlotte LochlinaAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAACharlotte Lochlina 08 July 18432394390174GREEN PONDS (Kempton) Tas Reg No 28833yes2445518  -1  FYESYES 
Corallie Anne FLEXMORE
Corallie AnneAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAACorallie Anne 018372392193180"Huntington" Tasmania22yes2443327  -1  FYESYES 
Doris Katherine FLEXMORE
Doris KatherineAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAADoris Katherine 028 May 18932412612124RICHMOND Tasmania Reg No 21320026 February 19672439548507326936Tasmania  FYESY100 
Elizabeth FLEXMORE
ElizabethAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAElizabeth 017642365530253St Michael Highgate Middlesex England00yes2416663  -1  FYESYES 
Elizabeth FLEXMORE
ElizabethAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAElizabeth 016 April 182023859071973326 December 1879240771013759218031879/4726 Hokotika, Westland New Zealand  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Virginia Armytage FLEXMORE
Elizabeth Virginia ArmytageAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAElizabeth Virginia Armytage 09 July 18512397313166GREEN PONDS (Kempton) Tasmania Reg No 560018 August 1854239844916331136GREEN PONDS (Kempton) Tasmania  FYESYES 
Flora Emily FLEXMORE
Flora EmilyAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAFlora Emily 018362391827181"Huntington" Tasmania00191124192201067527393St Georges HANOVER SQUARE London  FYESYES 
FrancisAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAFrancis 02 May 18012378983216Norfolk Island141411 May 18742405655143732667220 Maquarie St HOBART Tas Ref No 2030  MYESYES 
FrancisAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAFrancis 017302353112287London55yes2404246  -1  MYESYESR
FrancisAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAFrancis 017672366626250HIghgate Camden London, England3331 May 183523914301826824986Green Ponds KEMPTON Tasmania  MYESYES 
Francis Edgar FLEXMORE
Francis EdgarAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAFrancis Edgar 029 March 18302389541187"Huntington"Tasmania0018512397306166207583On board the "Sabina, " on her voyage from California U.S.A  MYESYES 
Frederick Udox FLEXMORE
Frederick UdoxAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAFrederick Udox 029 March 18302389541187"Huntington" Tasmania005 July 18502396944167207403California U.S.A  MYESYES 
GeorgeAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAGeorge 010 May 17982377896219Norfolk Island6621 March 185924001251586022229Sandy Bay V.D.L. (Tasmania) Reg NO 1448  MYESYES 
Henrietta Amelia FLEXMORE
Henrietta AmeliaAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAHenrietta Amelia 023 August 18412393706175GREEN PONDS (Kempton) Tas Reg No 22022yes2444788  -1  FYESYES 
Henrietta Gertrude FLEXMORE
Henrietta GertrudeAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAHenrietta Gertrude 012 November 18982414606118CAMPANIA RICHMOND Tas Reg No 20661119872446979308832191  FYESY100 
Henrietta Louisa FLEXMORE
Henrietta LouisaAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAHenrietta Louisa 07 May 18252387754192HOBART Tasmania Aust Ref 18209924 June 186924038731484416119SANDY BAY Tasmania Australia  FYESYES 
Horace Fenwick FLEXMORE
Horace FenwickAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAHorace Fenwick 019032416298114St Yarra Victoria Aust rEG nO 60930019512433830664817532Glen Iris Victoria Australia  MYESY100 
IsabellaAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAIsabella 03 May 18302389576187HOBART Tas Reg no 3361551 September 190524170901117527514PORTLAND Tas Reg No 0616  FYESYES 
John Bertram FLEXMORE
John BertramAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAJohn Bertram 0191124192201060020032452823149233603  MYESY100 
John Merrick Zadok FLEXMORE
John Merrick ZadokAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAJohn Merrick Zadok 029 June 18492396573168GREEN PONDS (Kempton) Tas Reg No 5316612 November 191224197191046323146Laburnum Park RICHMOND Tas  MYESYES 
KenrickAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAKenrick 018372392193180"Huntington" Tasmania007 May 189824144171196122406GREEN PONDS (Kempton) TasReg No 377  MYESYES 
Louisa Eulila FLEXMORE
Louisa EulilaAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAALouisa Eulila 018322390366185"Huntington" Tasmania44yes2441500  -1  FYESYES 
Maria Matilda FLEXMORE
Maria MatildaAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAMaria Matilda 029 May 18272388506190HOBART Tasmania1212191124192201068330532  FYESYES 
MaryAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAMary 01 March 17612364312256London England00yes2415568  -1  FYESYES 
Mary AnnAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAMary Ann 018072381235210Van Diemen's Land883 May 189824144131199133360WESTBURY Tasmania Australia  FYESYES 
Mary Ann Amelia FLEXMORE
Mary Ann AmeliaAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAMary Ann Amelia 018332390732184HOBART Tas7710 May 19012415515116682496551 Macquarie- street HOBART Tas Reg No 501  FYESYES 
Maudelaine Leah FLEXMORE
Maudelaine LeahAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAMaudelaine Leah 03 October 19152420774101Elsernwick Victoria Reg No 290472210 December 19922448967247728193Westbourne Park South Australia  FYESY100 
Oscar McDuffAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAOscar McDuff 018392392923178"Huntington" Tasmania001 March 189824143501195921609CLAREMONT Tasmania  MYESYES 
RebekahAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAARebekah 011 July 17562362618261London England00yes2413742  -1  FYESYES 
SarahAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAASarah 010 May 17592363651258England00yes2414838  -1  FYESYES 
Sarah Harriet FLEXMORE
Sarah HarrietAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAASarah Harriet 010 January 18232386906194HOBART Tasmania Aust Ref No 13994421 August 190924185401088631634Gilbert St., LATROBE Tasmania Australia 456  FYESYES 
Wellington George FLEXMORE
Wellington GeorgeAAAAFLEXMOREFLEXMOREAAAAWellington George 018332390732184"Huntington" Tasmania002 April 18502396850167176300GREEN PONDS (Kempton) Tasmania  MYESYES