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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Alfred Henry DOYLE
Alfred HenryAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAAlfred Henry 019 January 18582399699159HOBART Tas Reg No 11750025 January 1858239970515906HOBART Tas Reg No 676  MYESYES 
Ann Mary DOYLE
Ann MaryAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAAnn Mary 07 August 18412393690176HOBART Tas Reg No 464121229 May 189924148041185721114BENDIGO Victoria  FYESYES 
Annie Jane DOYLE
Annie JaneAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAAnnie Jane 018622401324155LINTON Victoira Reg No 31816619552435291629333967  FYESY100 
Arthur James DOYLE
Arthur JamesAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAArthur James 018862410090131Break Of Day Vic Aust 1886/240482219302426160874416070SOUTH AUSTRALIA  MYESY100 
Bridget DOYLE
BridgetAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAABridget 018682403515149Victoria Aust7710 April 190024151201173211787Echuca Victoria Aust  FYESYES 
Catherine (Kate) DOYLE
Catherine (Kate)AAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAACatherine (Kate) 01857239949816011yes2450632  -1  FYESYES 
Cyril David Reubin DOYLE
Cyril David ReubinAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAACyril David Reubin 014 December 18912412081125NEW NORFOLK Tas Reg No 15870021 July 19462432023715419942New Norfolk  MYESY100 
Daisy Ellen DOYLE
Daisy EllenAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAADaisy Ellen 018992414838118Victoria Australia4419702440770477125932Victoria Australia  FYESY100 
Edward DOYLE
EdwardAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAEdward 01923242360394001941243017876186575  MY100Y100 
Elaine Vera DOYLE
Elaine VeraAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAElaine Vera 0189424130121230019652438944527125932  FYESY100 
Francis Bertram DOYLE
Francis BertramAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAFrancis Bertram 0189524133771220019162421046101217669WWI England  MYESYES 
George Joseph DOYLE
George JosephAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAGeorge Joseph 024 November 18582400008158HOBART Tas Reg No 2066009 January 18592400054158046HOBART Tas Reg No 1297  MYESYES 
Georgina Ann DOYLE
Georgina AnnAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAGeorgina Ann 018892411186128Victoria Australia4419552435291626624105Victoria Australia  FYESY100 
Henry James DOYLE
Henry JamesAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAHenry James 018602400593157Victoria Aust55yes2451727  -1  MYESYES 
Henry John Berthial DOYLE
Henry John BerthialAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAHenry John Berthial 018922412281125Victoria Aust001 November 19602437240576825141  MYESY100 
Henry Joseph DOYLE
Henry JosephAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAHenry Joseph 018332390732184St Joseph's HOBART Tas Reg No 4935554 June 187524060441424215494Elizabeth St HOBART Tas Reg No 2797  MYESYES 
Jessie Muriel E DOYLE
Jessie Muriel EAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAJessie Muriel E 018942413012123Victoria Aust0019742442231438029219  FYESY100 
JohnAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAJohn 018292389271188HOBART Tas Reg No 312012122 September 191724214741008832385CARDIGAN Ballarat, Victoria  MYESYES 
John William DOYLE
John WilliamAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAJohn William 018572399498160Ballarat Victoria Aust 1857/20718819282425429897125931Pakenham Victoria Australia  MYESY100 
John William DOYLE
John WilliamAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAJohn William 018842409359133Break Of Day, Vic, Aust Reg 1884/73966619542434926637025567Pakenham Victoria Australia  MYESY100 
Juliet Alice DOYLE
Juliet AliceAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAJuliet Alice 06 December 18612401116155HOBART Tas Reg No 489500yes2452093  -1  FYESYES 
Lilias Helen DOYLE
Lilias HelenAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAALilias Helen 08 December 18592400387157HOBART Tas Reg No 306400yes2451362  -1  FYESYES 
Margaret DOYLE
MargaretAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAMargaret 03 December 18472395999169HOBART Tas0010 August 19332427295848531296FITZROY Victora  FYESY100 
Margaret Jane DOYLE
Margaret JaneAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAMargaret Jane 018932412647124Victoria Australia0019722441500457928853  FYESY100 
Mary Ann DOYLE
Mary AnnAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAMary Ann 018682403515149GRASSY GULLY Vic Reg NO 265240019202422507975218992  FYESY100 
Mary Jane DOYLE
Mary JaneAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAMary Jane 018272388540190St Joseph's HOBART Tas Reg No 24210027 February 18502396816167238458HOBART Tas Reg No 2897  FYESYES 
Mary Lavenia DOYLE
Mary LaveniaAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAMary Lavenia 0187224049761450019472432369707527393  FYESY100 
Mary Lavinia DOYLE
Mary LaviniaAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAMary Lavinia 018802407898137Victoria Aust6623 October 19532434674647326958  FYESY100 
Mary Louise DOYLE
Mary LouiseAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAMary Louise 018822408629135Spring Creek Vic. Aust. 1182/558800188324089941341365Break Of Day Viic Aust 1883/4231  FYESYES 
Michael DOYLE
MichaelAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAMichael 018302389636187St Joseph's HOBART Tas Reg No 351411yes2440770  -1  MYESYES 
Michael DOYLE
MichaelAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAMichael 018542398402163St John's Campbell Town NSW V1854230571005 April 18662402697151124477GRASSY GULLY Vic 1866/6685  MYESYES 
Michael DOYLE
MichaelAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAMichael 018672403150150SPRING CREEK Victoria 49170019392429447787226297  MYESY100 
Patrick DOYLE
PatrickAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAPatrick 018002378679217DUBLIN Ireland7722 June 185623991231615620626HOBART Tas Reg No 822  MYESYESR
Patrick DOYLE
PatrickAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAPatrick 018712404611146SPRING CREEK Vic0018962413742121259131KYNETON Hospital Vic  MYESYES 
PeterAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAPeter 018672403150150119 November 19272425194906022226New Norfolk  MYESY100R
Sarah Ann DOYLE
Sarah AnnAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAASarah Ann 018362391827181HOBART2216 April 186624027081513011063Home of her mother Mrs DOYLE 88 Melville Street  FYESYES 
Sarah Jane DOYLE
Sarah JaneAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAASarah Jane 018742405707143SPRING CREEK Vic Reg 55469919552435291628129584  FYESY100 
William DOYLE
WilliamAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAWilliam 018662402785151Victoria00yes2453919  -1  MYESYES 
William Clement Alex DOYLE
William Clement AlexAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAWilliam Clement Alex 018982414473119Victoria Aust0019422430543754416070  MYESY100 
William Henry DOYLE
William HenryAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAWilliam Henry 025 April 18632401621154HOBART Tas Reg No 6042332 August 19182421808995520187HOBART Tas  MYESY100 
William Henry DOYLE
William HenryAAAADOYLEDOYLEAAAAWilliam Henry 018382392558179001 July 190024152021176222826142 Melville St HOBART  MYESYES